10 things that will happen when nuke #3 is detonated

Published on March 1, 2022

10 things that Nuke #3 will trigger

The first detonation was Hiroshima, the second was Nagasaki. Both happened 77 years ago in early August of 1945. That is just one human life span in the past. Since then, nuclear weapons have been slowly fading into being “unthinkable.” There have been a few scares such as the 2018 false missile alert in Hawaii, but these threats always had an expiration date. In some ways, it won’t matter where Nuke #3 is triggered or who sets it off. It will be a seismic event that will be felt worldwide.

Hawaii false missile alert

Before nuclear weapons were used against Japan, the standard practice in war was to lay siege to cities. From the dawn of recorded history up until August 9th, 1945, warfare was targeting concentration of civilians for mass slaughter. Nobody was spared. Men, women, and children were slaughtered by professional fighters using the most efficient technology available at the time. The Romans who laid siege to Carthage in 146 BC had the same intent as the Germans who laid siege to Stalingrad in 1942 – to kill everyone in the city.

After nuclear bombs were developed and used on Japan, the efficiency of killing everyone in a city was increased exponentially. It was now much easier to imagine the survival of our species being threatened. It changed our behavior. The magnitude of this worldwide cultural shift in warfare cannot be overstated. Try to imagine an event that could change how humans love as much as these two nuclear weapons changed how humans fight. This is an article about human nature. Humanity longs for certainty. Nuke #3 will destroy our certainty.

Here are the 10 things that will happen:

  1. News of the detonation will rapidly find you
    Very few people live or work so remotely that they will not know what happened that same day. Even if you are on the opposite side of the world, it will be the thing that everyone you know will be talking about.
  2. You will have a feeling of uncertainty that comes with an expiration date of never
    You will not be able to look past the present circumstances in the world on that day and see a certain future. This will impact every decision you make.
  3. Your government will tell you to remain calm
    Governments are living entities that understand self-survival. They will need to focus on the nuclear threat and will expect their citizens to stay calm and carry on. But behind this facade of certainty will be an involuntary (over)reaction to the nuclear threat. Their intelligence agencies will bring every asset they possess onto the point of detonation and work backwards in space and time to determine who is responsible.
  4. Your military will start to activate units for deployment
    This is standard practice for countries that rely heavily on reservists. If you have family in the military, they will be impacted and have even more uncertainty than civilians. Families of military personnel know the feeling of dread when major geopolitical events happen.
  5. Your neighbors will go to the gas stations in your area and fill anything that will hold fuel
    Access to fuel is critical and the ready supply is limited. Even in small towns far from New York, many people made special trips to the gas station on September 11th. It did not matter that all of the planes were grounded within hours, the uncertainty of the situation created a surge of immediate fuel acquisition.
  6. Your neighbors will go to the grocery stores in your neighborhood and buy food
    They will prefer canned and packaged shelf stable foods. Nothing puts a Band-Aid on uncertainty like a full pantry. Everyone will want to know where their next meal is coming from.
  7. Your neighbors will go to your bank and withdraw cash
    Money will be less valuable than fuel and food, but very few people will have any sense of certainty that their bank will be open and have cash to withdraw. There will be bank runs.
  8. Your fellow consumers will go online and purchase protection
    Price won’t matter, availability is everything. If it’s in stock, it will be snapped up. Not only will there be a run on hard assets like gold and guns, but anything that protects humans from radiation will disappear almost overnight.  NBC filtration systems, spare filters, potassium iodide tablets, and gas masks will have an immediate demand that wipes out entire inventories.
  9. You will become acutely aware of the contents of your home
    What you have in your home will have more value to you than your portfolio. Numbers on financial statements won’t matter unless you can convert those numbers to something that will mitigate the severe uncertainty of the future.
  10. Your news will be both censored and horrific
    There will be an accepted recognition of what happened and who is responsible. There will be no other side that is allowed to participate in mainstream news. Social media will have pictures and video of death and destruction. Faces with radiation burns make for brutal images that will add gasoline to the fire of your uncertainty.

The detonation of Nuke #3 will transform the priorities of everyone you know. Now is the time to prepare.

What you can do now

The first step can be the hardest – imagine Nuke #3 actually being detonated. Actually, it’s not that hard. There are 13,081 nuclear bombs known to exist on earth. Russia has 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons and a doctrine that “seeks to deescalate (end) a conventional conflict through coercive threats including limited nuclear use.” They know that the United States does not have very many of these low yield nuclear devices and will be reluctant to start down the slippery slope that leads to World War III. There are seven other countries that have 1,276 nuclear weapons. Imagining one of these devices being detonated is the foundation to mentally and physically preparing for nuke #3.

The second step is to continue preparing for natural disasters and civil unrest. Having a resilient home that can support your tribe without resupply for several weeks is one of the few things that will dampen the uncertainty. Not everyone will have the ability to take solace in their present circumstances. Be one of the people who can.

The third step is to add protection from radiation and radioactive fallout to your toolbox. You will not need to get underground if Nuke #3 if is on a different continent, but you will need to keep fallout out of your lungs and the radiation from accumulating in your thyroid gland. See the article on NBC air filtration systems for information on collective protection and the Amazon links below for personal radiation protection items.

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Stay safe and keep your tribe alive!

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