how to protect everything you love


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Everything you need to understand about keeping your tribe alive!

The first detonation was Hiroshima, the second was Nagasaki

Find out what will happen when Nuke #3 is detonated!


Create a backup water supply

How to keep your home hydrated when the tap runs dry!


Safely store gasoline at home

How to stabilize, store, transfer, and rotate your stock of gasoline!


Home power system

How to outfit your home or bugout basecamp with a home power system!


Survive an earthquake

Learn how to prepare for and actively survive when the big one hits!


Prepare for a power outage

Portable power devices that will keep the lights on are affordable and easy to deploy!


Survive a dog attack

How to first avoid an attack, then fight, and ultimately survive!


Trust your neighbors?

They can be either an array of threats around your home or tripwires that will signal imminent danger!


Without rule of law

What happens to human nature when you remove the justice system and law enforcement?


The ultimate predator

Predators are present at every level and they all have similar behaviors that you should understand!


Crowds, Riots, and Mobs

Learn what makes a rioting mob dangerous and what to do if you find yourself confronted with one!


Fortify your home and protect your family

Part 1 - For renters and homeowners who cannot drill, cut, or make permanent changes to your home


Fortify your home and protect your family

Part 2 - For anyone who can make permanent changes to upgrade the security of your home


The ideal panic room

Understand the all of the critical elements of battlespace preparation.


The ideal wildfire shelter

Shelter in place or evacuate? A discussion of how to prepare to safely stay and fight for your home.


Safe room location

Don't dig until you see all of your options. A bomb shelter in the backyard may not be best for you.


Bomb shelter plans

There's one sequence of rooms and equipment that will dramatically increase the safety of your shelter.


Bomb shelter airlock

Don't crack that blast door without using your filtered air supply to isolate your shelter.


Decontaminating radioactive fallout

All the steps you need to take to decontaminate yourself, your tribe, and your bomb shelter!


Emergency egress options

Know what your options are and do not get trapped underground!


NBC air filtration systems

Understand how these systems work to isolate your shelter from airborne toxins!


Common mistakes

Avoid these bomb shelter blunders when designing, building, or buying your shelter!


Common terms and definitions

Dealing with contractors and vendors? Speak the language and know what to ask for.